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Make your vote count!

On Friday 23rd September, voting will take place for the new 2016-17 school council.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the council please see your class teacher.


KS2 Christmas Carols

Thank you to everybody that attended our performance this morning. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. The children did us all very proud! Well done everyone.

Magic Philip.

On Friday we had the pleasure of a magic show by the amazing Magic Philip.

The children and staff alike all thoroughly enjoyed every magical moment.

Take a look at our photographs.





Well done!

I’m delighted to let you know that 5 of our classes achieved 97%+ for the week beginning 12th October.

Well done to Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6! Well done especially to Year 4 (who achieved 99%) and Year 2 (who achieved 100%!).

Many, many thanks to our parents who have supported us in our campaign to raise attendance, as well.
Half term next week, so please enjoy, relax, and come back to school on 2nd November refreshed and relaxed, ready for the countdown to Christmas!


Well done to everyone with the improvement in attendance this week (for the week beginning 5th October). Our school average was 96% with 3 classes achieving over 97%.

Well done Reception with 99.4%, Year 3 with 99.2% and Year 6 with an outstanding 100%! Well done to Mums and Dads and the rest of your families who help out with the school run!

Well done also to Leah (Reception) who was the lucky winner of the prize draw for all children who have achieved 100%

Changes to the Early Mornings

Thanks to everyone who supported the changes to our early morning routine this morning. I did notice that we were busier than usual at the front gate.

It was a very busy morning (especially with the bin man as well!) and we really appreciate those who made an extra special effort this morning! I’m sure you’ll keep it up!

We did notice some rather inconsiderate parking this morning (not for the first time!). Very inconsiderate for those parents trying to push buggies along the very narrow pavements! I will be making contact with Merseyside Police and the City Council to see if they can give us any advice.


Thanks to everyone who took part in our Welcome Mass this morning. Thanks especially to all of the children of Reception, Year 4 and Year 6 who lead the mass so beautifully. (Thanks to all of the staff as well!)


To save some time on Wednesdays, can all of the children come into school in their PE Kits? There’ll be no need for them to bring their uniform to get changed into either. If it’s cold they can bring a pair of plain black (or navy blue) tracksuit bottoms (no logos) in case it’s cold. Thanks.


Well done to Year 4 who managed above 97% attendance for their whole class last week. They were awarded another piece to add to their Mr Potato Head.

We are concerned about the number of children who are late for school. Adjustments to the timetables mean that all classes begin their Guided Reading sessions each day at 9.00 am promptly. This means that a number of children are missing the beginning of their Guided Reading sessions by 5 and sometimes 10 minutes each day. If they are late by 5 minutes each day it is the same as them missing just over 15 hours of school each year – equal to 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!! (Over 4 weeks missed for the 7 years they are in our school)
Please try to get your children into school before 8.55 am (the start of the school day) so they can make the most of their learning time in Our Lady’s School.

Welcome to our new year one class

Hello everybody and welcome back. Our new year one class have been working hard and are enjoying learning lots of new things. They have settled in well and they have been a pleasure to teach. Let’s hope it lasts!image