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Seaside poems

The children have been writing some amazing seaside poems.

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Fun with maps!

In geography this half term we have been developing our geographical language and skills through the topic “At the farm”. We have been talking about human and physical features as well as comparing aerial photos to maps. We have been using map symbols and compass directions to plan routes and give directions. We understand why keys are useful when creating and reading maps and are looking forward to creating our own maps before the end of term.

Y2 Liverpool academy football tournament

On Wednesday afternoon Mr Crawford and 8 children from the year 2 football team, took a trip to the Liverpool football club academy to participate in their first ever football tournament. They recorded 3 wins out of their 5 games finishing 3rd overall and played with great spirit both in victory and defeat. They truly did the school, their parents and themselves proud! Well done Y2 football team!

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Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell

This half term we have been comparing and contrasting two historical figures. Both were nurses who lived extraordinary lives. We’ve enjoyed learning about what Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell did and where their careers took them. They were amazing women who helped lots of people despite the risks they faced as a result.

Here is our display: image


First week activities

This week in literacy, we acted out our favourite scene from Gorilla by Anthony Browne.image







“Our World” week: science,history and geography

On science day we did many different investigations about materials. We had to predict and investigate which materials would best protect our “Eggonauts” from smashing as they fell from space. We also investigated the types of materials used in our classroom and on our yard. We discussed the properties of materials to find out why different materials were better than others for certain jobs.

During our history and geography day we thought about our favourite places, producing some art work to show what is there and why we liked these places so much. We also learned about hieroglyohics and wrote our own names. During the afternoon we learned about the life of Nelson Mandela, finding out why he is such an important figure in history. We then created our own peace doves, showing messages of peace and illustrating what peace means to each of us. What a busy day!



Our end of year assembly

Well done to everyone on our fantastic end of year assembly. Year 1 told us about Brazil whilst we spoke about rainforest animals. We even had a bit of a dance and sang one of our favourite songs “The world is ours.” Our parents and teachers were very proud of all the effort we have put in. What a lovely end to the year.


Theatre workshop

To kick of our exciting Arts week we watched a live theatre show and took part in a workshop. We used our imaginations to create our own magic worlds from junk materials.


Sports day!

Last Friday we took part in our annual sports day. We took part in many different races, ate ice pops, cheered each other on and had lots of fun.


Super sculptures

For art this term we having been learning about “Super sculptures.” We have looked at the work of Anthony Gormley and made human figures from tangrams and from pipe cleaners. We’ve had loads of fun and we came up with lots of brilliant ideas to show movement.