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Investigating our local area

This half term we have been learning about the geographical features of our local area. We knew some of the history of Wavertree already and were eager to do some more field work and find out what we could. We looked at the human and physical features of our area. We looked at the different types of buildings here, saw different types of public spaces and considered what people might come to Wavertree for. We enjoyed looking at maps of our local area, finding where we lived, spotting our school and adding symbols to show the key features of Wavertree. After our trip we were able to create maps of our own, showing the route we had taken and what we had seen. Even our parents got involved as they helped us to complete a survey to show where people who live in Wavertree work. It was fun learning about different types of jobs people have and how they travel to work each day. We’re now quite the experts on Wavertree!

Maths Homework


Here is the digital copy of our math activities.

Have a conversation at home about what we are learning in school then choose an activity from this booklet relating to our objective. Remember this can also be used in Year 4 so feel free to share with some of your siblings and friends.

Remember it’s fun to learn together!!!


Miss. Walsh

Our trip to the library 10.11.15

Year 3 had the opportunity to go to Wavertree library today! We were able to find out information about how they keep the library in order, and also got some tips on how to keep our own class library tidy and in order.


Van Gogh

We have been experimenting with colour today. Investigating how many shades of yellow we can get by mixing with black and white.

FA Skills

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Year 3 have been having PE sessions with Mr Walsh, a coach from the FA. We are becoming more aware of space we can move into, practising ball skills, evaluating the best skills we have used and explaining why.

We are becoming Masters of Maths!!!!

Year 3 have been busy over the last few weeks with our maths. We have been using Base Ten, number squares, number lines and other resources to help us explore and expand our knowledge and understanding of Place Value.

DSCF0931 DSCF0930

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age

We have begun our exciting new history topic this term. We have used a time line to find out just how long ago this period of time was. We can’t believe we’ll be learning about over 10,000 years of history in this half term alone! Today we watched an animation about the New Stone Age and learned about some important changes that took place at this time. We decided we’d much rather have homes too rather than living a nomadic existence like our early ancestors! Look out for our photos as we explore some replica artefacts and zoom forward through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

It’s a light and shadow world out there!!

After coming back from swimming we took the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sun shine and experiment with making some shapes with our bodies!

We have been learning about light and shadows and have found out that shadows are formed when an object is in the way of, or blocking light getting past.


Have a look at our body shows and try to work out what shape we have tried to make!

Athletic Class

We have recently had some boys in our class taking part in sporting competitions.

Joseph and Conor took part in a Under 8 6 a side rugby tournament. Their team worked hard but were pipped to the post and came Runner Up.  Although, they received a very impressive trophy for doing so! Well done boys!

DSCF0858 DSCF0859


Another triumph for one of our boys. Patrick Davies has just recently been selected to play for Liverpool Under 8′s team and attended a gala dinner for the official signing. Steven Gerrard was there to sign the players as part of his final week at Liverpool. So far they have traveled to Germany and played against other teams such as Manchester United. He is now off to Spain to play again!! We wish Patrick all the very best of luck!



Over the last 2 weeks Year 3 have been going to King David’s High School to take part in swimming lessons. It was tough going at first with the walking back and forth, but we gradually got into the swing of things.

Ms Riley was our instructor, as well as some helpers and Miss Walsh. All of us have completed the swimming course and a lot of us are on our way to swimming 25 meters AND more!!!

We practiced different strokes as well as learning how to swim backwards.

We would like to thank Ms. Riley and her team for helping us become more fluent and confident swimmers.