School Clothing and Uniform

Experience over many years has shown that a simple school uniform helps to foster a good tone for the school and is easier for parents to organise. It also helps to foster a sense of identity in children and pride in their school. Our school uniform is as follows:

School Uniform is now available to purchase from Fitwell Embroidery, 276 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AJ – Telephone 01517342546 or on-line at Fitwell School Wear


White Shirt & School Tie

Navy Blue Jumper (Boys) with logo

Navy Blue Cardigan (Girls) with logo

Trousers: Grey

Skirt/Pinafore: Grey

Summer dress: Blue gingham checked dress and cardigan with school logo (Summer only)

Socks: White (girls) or navy tights/Grey socks (boys)

Shoes: Plain black shoes for all. Sling back or high heeled shoes are totally unsatisfactory. Training shoes may only be worn for PE.

In the warmer weather boys may wear grey short trousers.

Hair: The school does not support or encourage ‘extreme’ hairstyles.

Jewellery: In the interest of safety and security NO JEWELLERY, with the exception of watches, may be brought to school i.e. rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings. (Note: where holes have to be kept open use studs, not sleepers.)

Studs, when worn in pierced ears MUST, for safety reasons, and be removed for PE, Games and swimming lessons.

Kit for Physical Education

All garments should be clearly labelled/named

  • PE and Games
  • Pair of plain navy shorts
  • White ‘T’shirts (with logo) – Fitwell
  • Pumps for indoor and/ or trainers for outdoor


  • Trunks and costume and towel
  • Waterproof swimming bag
  • Swimming cap (please note that all children
  • must wear a swimming hat)

Mobile Phones etc.

All mobile phones must be signed into the School Office and collected at the end of the school day