Our Aims

Aims of Our School

Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Primary School sets out to develop confident, caring, inquiring individuals prepared for the future. This vision should be achieved through equality of opportunity, through everyone realising their full potential in a purposeful and happy environment that offers varied, relevant, interesting experiences, and by pursuing excellence at all levels and in all spheres. As such we proclaim certain values to be the cornerstones to the educational opportunities that we deliver.

MISSION STATEMENT: Like Our Lady of Good Help, we live wisely, think deeply, love generously in Christ

Educational Aims

To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for children to reach their full potential, through child centred learning.

To promote positive attitudes through praise and encouragement.

To provide opportunities to develop personal creativity and enquiry.

Gospel Aims

To encourage the children to have respect and love for themselves and other people.

To provide positive role models based on Gospel values.

Inspired by the gospels, we will help our children to explore and come to know God’s love through the person of Jesus.

Community Aims

To encourage good relationships with one another in all aspects of school life

To develop an understanding of their role and responsibilities within their local community.

To continually educate ourselves and the children to cherish all of our world and its peoples.


Key Values

There are certain key values which underpin our vision for the school and which prescribe our actions and they are:

Justice: Everything that we do and respond to must be seen to be fair and even handed to all

Self-esteem: The greater the individual feels about themselves the harder they will strive to succeed

Honesty: We should lead our children forward and expect them to behave in an honest, open way

lntegrity: Always expect the children to be proud of their achievements

Compassion: To support those who are less fortunate in life is vitally important

Respect: Always give others the respect that they deserve

Equality: Every individual in our society deserves that same opportunity for advancement and care

Positive: Always praise the positive actions of each and every

lndividual: Responsibility To act in a responsible manner in society, at whatever age, is a very important skill to learn

We believe that if the school, the child and their family can act with these key values as guiding principles, then we are certain of developing fine, well-rounded individuals for the future.