Curriculum Overview

Here you will find information about the curriculum your child will follow in 2016-17

EYFS:  Reception yearly overview

YEAR 1: Year 1 yearly overview 2016-17

YEAR 2: Year 2 yearly overview 2016-17

YEAR 3: Year 3 2016-17 overview

YEAR 4: Year 4 year plan

YEAR 5: Year 5 overview

YEAR 6: Year 6 2016-17 overview


Phonics & Reading

The school teaches phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme.

More information on this scheme can be found here: Letters and Sounds

The reading scheme followed by the school is ‘Oxford Reading Tree’

This includes: Songbirds, Glow-worms, Snapdragons, Stories, Phonics, Fireflies, Treetops, Poetry.

This is supplemented by Pearson’s Phonics Bug

Reading Policy 2016



British Values


As of September 2014, the DfE requires all schools to promote the historical and current values that underpin the national identity known as being British. Within this, all schools are required to ensure that the curriculum actively promotes these fundamental British values.

What is ‘Britishness’?

Fundamental British values are defined by the Dfe as;

Democracy: Respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic process

The rule of law: Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England

Individual liberty: Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law

Mutual respect and tolerance: Support for equality of opportunity for all and respect and tolerance of different faiths and religious and other beliefs.

British Values Policy: OLGH british-values-policy-2015


Music: Music is taught as part of the curriculum in the classroom by the class teacher. There is also music tuition available to our Key Stage 2 pupils which is taught by peripatetic music teachers.

As a school, we are also able to offer tuition to a number of Key Stage 2 pupils, but not all, in all Key Stage 2 classes. The instruments on offer at the moment are clarinet and flute.

Payment for Woodwind Tuition is made directly with tutor.
For further information regarding the curriculum please contact Miss Peacock- Deputy Head Teacher