School Council

Autumn Term

Throughout the Autumn term – The came up with ideas and suggestions based around break and lunchtime.

The children expressed their views that they would love to create a play ground environment that offered opportunities for all children to enjoy and explore. The school as a whole took time to gather ideas and think of different things that the children could do on the yard.

So the children decided to create a maths area in which children can explore 3-D shapes, use concrete resources and discuss numbers with children from various year groups.

A football area has been created to ensure all children are safe on the yard, but they have enough space to enjoy playing without having to worry about congestion

Spring Term

The Spring Term has developed a focus around recycling and ensuring the local environment is clean and efficient.

We are in the process as a school, to ensure all staff are recycling plastic and paper waste separately. As well as the idea of going on a local area walk to litter pick and ensure that roads and shops around the local area are clean and accessible.

Summer Term

Here at OLGH, we believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and feel as though their views and opinions count.

In the Autumn Term, each class from Year 1 to Year 6 held an election to find their class representative.

Each child has their own special ‘School Councillor’ badge so children within the school can directly contact them with any ideas or queries of how to continue to transform our wonderful school.

We have meetings every fortnight on Thursday 12:30 pm. The children bring their school council books, which they take daily ideas from children around school and discuss at the meeting.

School Council Members

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